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Unlock critical sustainability information
about your investments

More than ever, investors need to understand the impact of investments. ESG Ratings only tell one part of the story. Matter makes sustainable investing simple, flexible and transparent.

At Matter, we offer a broad range of sustainability insights, allowing you to understand the SDG alignment of your investments, to comply with regulation, to see the quantitative impact of your portfolio, and much more.

Explore our data

Unlock critical sustainability information about your investments

We offer a broad range of sustainability insights, allowing you to understand the SDG alignment of your investments, comply with regulation, see the financed emissions of your portfolio, and much more.

Individual datasets combine broad coverage with the granularity needed to dive into specific areas, answer specific questions and provide fully transparent reporting on a wide range of ESG and sustainable investment themes.

Sustainability ratings

Intuitive platform for sustainability analysis

Our Analytics Platform is an end-to-end solution to explore and analyse the sustainability profile of individual issuers, funds or entire portfolios.

From high-level portfolio analysis to granular insights on single entities, we enable more efficient understanding of investments and benchmarking, as well as powerful report generation and data exports.

“Understanding the extent to which companies' core business revenues are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, and by extension have the potential to contribute to real-world sustainable outcomes, is the next frontier of sustainability analysis. Matter helps to break down this barrier and provides investors with actionable information on what constitutes company alignment to the targets underpinning the 17 SDGs”

Berenice Lasfargues

Sustainability Integration Lead at BNP Paribas Asset Management.


Depth and transparency in everything we do

We take a structured approach to measuring sustainability and we ensure all our data is traceable back to the originating source for full transparency.

Our datasets offer more granularity than conventional ESG data, allowing you to run complex ESG analyses with unparalleled depth, across multiple portfolios and benchmarks, focusing on the sustainability metric of your choice.

“Everyone is using the same data - so we needed to find a way of setting ourselves apart from competition.”

Bjarne Graven Larsen

Founder and CEO at QBlue Balanced

Our Approach

Available in leading investment solutions and through flexible API solutions

All our data is available through flexible API solutions, built on modern standards for easy integration. Our insights can be delivered  on individual issuers as well as aggregated on fund, strategy and portfolio-level, either in bulk or for more specific queries.

We collaborate with a range of specialised investment and intelligence solutions to ensure that data is available where it is needed. Our metrics power the ESG analyses available on Nasdaq eVestment, and are also available on SimCorp, as well as for ingestion into BlackRock Aladdin.


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In our latest insights, you can see Matter's data applied to understanding some of the most important issues in ESG.

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Our approach

Explore our approach

Struggling to understand the environmental and social impact of your portfolio? Here is an introduction to how we analyse investments.

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