SDG Signals

SDG sentiment data, updated daily. SDG Signals allows you to stay a step ahead of the competition by providing daily updated data on how companies are perceived in Global Media, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

sdg sentiment data

Moving beyond conventional ESG data

SDG Signals is powered by a proprietary AI-driven Natural Language Processing model, providing insights into how companies are perceived in global news media against the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our analysis allows you to screen and understand how your investments relate to the SDGs at a company level, anticipate sustainability related risks and opportunities, and respond proactively to shifting trends.

Data SDG

Artificial Intelligence, trained by human intelligence

SDG Signals is trained on an extensive dataset created by vetted domain experts with experience operating within the SDG framework.

Seamless API Integration

Our SDG Signals data is delivered via API as daily updates on issuer-level, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your workflow.

Filling the SDG data gap

The existing data on how companies interrelate with the SDGs is limited. SDG Signals represents an important step towards filling this gap.

“Everyone is using the same data - so we needed to find a way of setting ourselves apart from competition.”

Bjarne Graven Larsen

CEO and founder of QBlue Balanced

Stay ahead of the competition

SDG Signals allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of company sustainability, and always stay one step ahead of the competition.

SDG Signals complements traditional ESG data, often based on inside-out company reporting, by providing an outside-in view of company sustainability, based on sentiment in global news media. This results in a more holistic overview of company sustainability. This outside-in perspective, updated daily, allows investors to identify and predict emerging crises and opportunities and sustainability trends months before they are reflected in traditional ESG data.

Granular SDG data, updated daily

SDG Signals are produced at the same rate as news is released. That means SDG data updated on a daily basis. Sentiment scores can be viewed at overall SDG level, or broken down to individual SDG level.

We analyse data on over 38,000 companies across more than 75,000 articles per day.

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