Why Matter?

Cut through the ESG confusion

Matter's powerful analytics platform connects investors to insights from leading independent experts and offers a flexible alternative to ESG ratings.

An alternative to black box ratings

Struggling to navigate and understand the many different ESG rating systems and terminologies?

Matter is not another rating. We give you access to in-depth information about a broad range of critical sustainability themes, allowing you to understand the nuances of sustainable investment, applied directly to your portfolio.

Utilise the wisdom of the crowd

We combine data from independent sources with unrivalled expertise in their field.

To provide you with the most solid data foundation for your analyses, we survey and disclose data from over 50 sources to leverage the wisdom of the crowd. We carefully select leading NGOs, International Organisations, academic institutions and more to provide you with an alternative to self-reported data.

Translate impact to your clients

An increasing proportion of people want to know how their investments impact society and climate.

With Matter, you can display the impact of investments to your stakeholders and clients in an intuitive and understandable format.

Broad coverage on listed securities

Our data covers equities and fixed income from private and public issuers alike

We gather data on over 50 sustainability themes across more than 14.000 private and public issuers, and cover +99% of most major indices making it possible for you to conduct the analysis you need.

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Our solutions are already helping financial institutions understand and communicate the sustainability of investments. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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