ESG Metrics

Quantify the environmental and social impact of your investments with reported and estimated company-level data on a broad range of ESG themes.

Quantify ESG insights on investments

There is an increasing demand for granular, quantifiable insights on the impact investments are having across a wide range of ESG themes.

ESG Metrics provides reported and estimated data on quantifiable ESG themes, based on best-in-class audited datasets and advanced machine learning estimation models. Data is based on company reports, or estimation for select metrics that are universally applicable, like emissions.

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Flexible application

ESG Metrics are broadly applicable, with use cases from portfolio construction, to complying with disclosure frameworks.

Reported when available

We source reported data from leading providers, and only estimate when no data is available.

Focus on

Metrics measure concrete sustainability outcomes of company activities - not just pledges or policies.

“What we really like about Matter's portfolio analysis is that it gives us flags, not ratings. There are lots of different ESG ratings out there, but the problem is that most of them are focused on financial materiality. They do not give you a clear insight into the sustainability profile of a company.”

Sandra Metoyer

Head of Responsible Investments at AP Pension.

Simple, Flexible and Transparent

Matter's Platform is a plug and play solution which foregoes the need for complex integrations.

Sustainability Analysis should not be a black box. We harness the power of collective intelligence, and with Matter, you can trace the data you are seeing back to the expert sources that we work with.

Transparent impact data across ten categories

ESG Metrics provide investors with quantified metrics for more than 15,000 companies across 10 categories, including emissions, fossil fuels reserves, renewable power generation, waste generation, CEO remuneration and gender diversity. Whether reported or estimated, ESG Metrics are transparent, offering insights at both fund and issuer level.

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