Nature Impact & Dependency

Understand portfolio and company level dependency and impact on natural capital across dozens of granular themes and risk profiles.

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Understand both impact and dependency

According to the World Economic Forum,
“Over half the world’s total GDP is dependent on nature and its services and, as a result, exposed to risks from nature loss... As nature loses its capacity to provide such services, these industries could be significantly disrupted.”

Matter’s Nature Impact & Dependency enables investors to quantify the degree to which their portfolios are exposed to dependencies on, and impact towards natural capital, by analysing a company’s revenue streams and the location of its physical assets. This gets to the core of a company’s relationship to natural systems.

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Both impact
and dependency

Informed by TNFD best practice, the framework provides detailed insights into each issuer’s relevance and level of impact and dependency across +30 natural capital issues; from water scarcity to forest canopy loss

Rules-based methodology

Broad coverage with systematic analysis of the revenue streams of 59,000 companies and their impact and dependency on natural capital

Informed by best-practice

Matter’s Nature Impact & Dependency Framework is methodologically underpinned by best practice data and approaches, including TNFD recommendations, the WWF Biodiversity Risk Filter and more

Transparent, asset-level insights

Sustainable finance at its core is about recontextualisation.

In the case of natural capital, that means understanding not just the total impact and dependency of processes, products and services, but also the location. Understanding natural capital impact relies on spatial specificity, as company impact is not spread equally.

Our method augments granular revenue data with location data on companies and their assets, utilising advanced geospatial data. the expert sources that we work with.

Broad coverage on revenue and assets

The framework offers broad coverage, with revenue insights for 59,000 issuers, and asset-level insights for more than a thousand companies and growing, covering the majority of those in high and very high risk categories.

Insights are available at both portfolio and company level for more than 30 specific natural capital issues, allowing for multi-level analyses and comparisons between portfolios and companies.

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