Our Story

We make capital work for people and the planet

Matter makes it easier for investors to understand and report the sustainability of investments through intuitive software solutions. By unlocking critical impact information across entire portfolios, we help make capital work for people and the planet.

Our history

Matter was founded with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious objective: to enable all investors to better understand the impact their money has on societies and the planet, because return on investment is never just capital.

Finding the right data and insights to invest sustainably is not an easy task and the financial sector is still struggling to find nuanced and accurate ways to measure impact and sustainability. Sustainability information provided using different proprietary ESG frameworks and models are noisy and hard to understand, due to a lack of correlation between them – making it hard for investors to make informed decisions.

At Matter, we have identified a need for more transparency, depth and intuitiveness in sustainability analysis and reporting – and that is what we are providing. By utilising the potential of technologies, such as AI and machine learning, Matter today is enabling all kinds of asset managers and investors to cut through the noise and analyse the real impact of their investments.

In close collaboration with the ecosystem

Finding reliable methods to invest sustainably is incredibly complicated.

At Matter, we believe it requires strong partnerships to find the right solutions. We team up with a wide range of sustainability experts, working with independent data providers from civil society, academia, government and beyond. Additionally, we support initiatives that drive sustainable investing, including the World Benchmarking Alliance. Please get in touch if you’re interested in partnering or working with us.

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    Matter is a Nasdaq Global Information Services Partner

    A passionate team with an ambitious mission

    We are an international team of passionate social scientists, economists, engineers and designers based in the heart of Copenhagen.

    We care about climate and social justice – and we are thoroughly committed to creating groundbreaking tech solutions to make sustainable investing more accessible for everyone in the financial industry.

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    Supporting new ideas that change the world

    We support and provide mentorship to startups with a sustainable mission. Contact us if you have an idea that can help create a better future.

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