Sovereign Insights

Understand sovereign issuer risks, opportunities, and sustainability with our sovereign thematic ESG Flags

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Spot sovereign investment risk and opportunity

ESG factors provide valuable insights into a country's economy, governance structures, civic space and social fabric.

Our Sovereign Insights help navigate these factors, enabling investors to better understand and mitigate potential risks, and identify indicators of long-term sustainability, informing judgements and decision-making on sovereign debt, investments and economic stability

    Holistic Insights

    The data covers 120 themes across four categories, Climate Transition, Natural Capital, Governance, and Social and Human Capital.

    Transparent to source

    All sovereign insights are traceable back to their source and methodological reasoning, meaning you can trust the data you see.

    Collective Intelligence

    Investors gain access to independent insights from external expert source, providing investors with an outside-in perspective on sovereign sustainability

    “Matter's reporting solution has made it possible for us to automate personalized impact reporting directly to our clients in a very relatable and intuitive way. It is fast to implement and easy to scale.”

    Pelle Pedersen

    Chief Impact & Growth Officer at DoLand.

    Find a solution that fits your needs

    No matter what solution you are looking for to display impact, we offer a variety of different options to suit your needs.

    You can, for instance, display different quantified impact metrics (like GHG-emissions or renewable energy generation) or sustainability flags on individual investments that help your customers better relate to their investments.

    Focus on controversies

    On our Analytics Platform, users can zoom in on sovereign specific controversies. These are split across five categoires; Conflict and security, Human rights & freedoms, International engagement & sanctions, Governance, and Environmental. This insights enable users to identify the most pressing risks associated with sovereign investing.

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