SDG Revenue Fundamentals

Unlock the full potential of the SDGs by understanding how the revenue a company generates is aligned or misaligned with the achievement of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Align your investments with the SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a universal roadmap for achieving a sustainable future for all. Data aligning investments to the SDGs has been lacking to date, however.

SDG Revenue Fundamentals helps bridge this gap by providing a framework to align the differing revenue streams a company generates to individual SDGs, as well as across SDGs. By examining company revenue, SDG Fundamentals looks to the core of a company's impact, their products and services.

Nuances of sustainability datas

Detailed and Layered

Matter provides analysis on over 50,000 listed companies and across approximately 8,000 revenue streams. We offer data at aggregate SDG level and at individual SDG level, as well as portfolio and single entity levels.

Comparable and realistic

The SDGs provide a common language for impact analysis, and therefore the output is comparable across companies, regardless of size or sector. For this to be useful, however, it must be realistic. We do not classify a product or service as aligned or misaligned to an SDG unless certain.

Collaborative and rigorous

SDG Revenue Fundamentals was developed in collaboration with BNP Paribas Asset Management, leveraging the mutual expertise of both parties in a rigorous, iterative development process.  

“Understanding the extent to which companies' core business revenues are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, and by extension have the potential to contribute to real-world sustainable outcomes, is the next frontier of sustainability analysis. Matter helps to break down this barrier and provides investors with actionable information on what constitutes company alignment to the targets underpinning the 17 SDGs”

Berenice Lasfargues

Sustainability Integration Lead at BNP Paribas Asset Management

Unlock the full potential of the SDGs

SDG Fundamentals unlocks multiple opportunities related to the SDGs which are currently going unharnessed.

Ethical - The SDGs are the closest thing humanity has to roadmap for achieving a sustainable future for all and are based upon universal underlying principles. Better understanding SDG alignment means better understanding progress towards achieving the SDGs.

- Prioritising investment in the SDGs could unlock opportunities worth approximately USD 12 trillion and 380 millions jobs a year by 2030.

Regulatory - The regulatory context is putting greater emphasis on what is considered "sustainable investment". The SDGs provide a common language and are increasingly being used in a regulatory context.

Granular analysis with broad coverage

The products and services a company offers can impact each of the 17 UN SDGs, either positively or negatively. Therefore, SDG Revenue Fundamentals allows you to analyse SDG alignment and misalignment across each of the individual 17 SDGs as well as at aggregate SDG level.

The result of this is detailed SDG Alignment data on over 50,000 companies covering ~8,000 revenue potential revenue streams

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