Use cases

Build sustainable investment universes by setting inclusion or exclusion thresholds on everything from SDG alignment to emissions intensity.

Our data and solutions can help you implement exclusion policies in screenings, set positive inclusion criteria to reduce emissions, increase SDG alignment on portfolio level, and construct thematic universes.

Product creation

Universe & Product Creation


Screening & Exclusions

Identify companies that are lagging or pioneering in performance on hundreds of ESG themes, or engaged in controversial activities.

Our insights also cover sovereign issuers, including international sanctions.

Find the sustainability leaders of today and tomorrow.

Easily combine insights from our ESG Metrics or SDG revenue and CapEx data to select best-in-class and transition companies on climate or impact.



Product creation

Thematic index construction

With SDG Revenue and CapEx Fundamentals, asset managers can create unique thematic funds comprised of companies achieving different alignment thresholds with specific SDGs and their underlying targets.

The deep nuances, transparent structure and broad coverage of our data solutions provides asset owners, managers and index providers an efficient way to stay diligent, yet diversified in their offering.


Manager Selection

Our analytics enable Asset owners to examine managers' ESG strategies by analysing their holdings. In addition, our data facilitates the comparison of ESG performance across managers, on SDG alignment, carbon emissions, diversity and inclusion, regulatory frameworks and more.

Our data is also integrated into leading investment intelligence platforms, allowing for direct comparison between managers, as well as analysis of how individual manager policies align with the ESG performance of their holdings

Our comprehensive datasets, combined with our powerful analytics and reporting platform, make ESG Reporting easier than ever before. On our platform, upload your portfolio(s), select the ESG metrics that matter most to the relevant stakeholds, and custom reports are created in seconds - as PDFs or exportable datafiles.

Our easily customised reports go above and beyond the norm, offering deep and intuitive insights into portfolio sustainability. From essential ESG metrics including Carbon Emissions data, supply chain insights and diversity and inclusion data, to insights on the alignment of a strategy with the UN SDGs, we help you address all relevant questions in one place




Regulatory Compliance

We help you navigate the complexities of existing and emerging sustainable finance regulation, such as the EU SFDR, or MIFID II.

Our SFDR PAIs data and reporting solution enables the creation of portfolio level analyses and reports on Principal Adverse Impacts at the click of a button. With our EU Taxonomy dataset you can get an early indication of alignment with activities outlined by the EU Taxonomy. Our data and insights can also be utilised to report against TCFD, or to inform sustainable investment decisions under MIFID II, etc.

Our data can be used to screen portfolios and issuers on a range of ESG factors, and identify specific controversies.

This enables the incorporation of sustainability considerations into investment decisions, better understanding the risks and opportunities associated with ESG factors and aligning portfolios with investor values and long-term investment objectives.


Screening & Controversies


8 & 9 funds

Our data can be used to construct and report on Article 8 and 9 funds under SFDR, to demonstrate how a portfolio 'promotes social or environmental characteristics', or inform sustainable investment definitions ('significant contribution'), set thresholds, and construct thematic funds.

Specifically, our SDG solutions can help inform positive inclusion for Article 8 and 9 products, while our SFDR PAI data and Thematic ESG Flags help you comply with requirements around 'Do No Significant Harm'

Know what to engage on and why, is a challenge for many institutions. Our solutions can inform engagement strategies with investees in a systematic way, allowing you to operationalise your policies efficiently.

From Carbon Emissions data and Fossil Fuel Reserves, to capital expenditure aligned with the SDGs, our data allows you to assess progress over time, and select clear and transparent metrics to engage with companies around.




Sustainable Investment Definitions

Several of our datasets are designed to inform Sustainable Investment definitions.

Specifically, two of our datasets, SDG Revenue Fundamentals, and SDG CapEx Fundamentals, operationalise the SDGs as a tool for sustainable investment in a way which is systematic, granular and measurable - and thereby defensible for all stakeholders

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