Thematic ESG Flags

380 company and sovereign ESG data points, based on insights from independent, global subject matter experts and revenue data.

Harness the power of collective intelligence

Understanding the environmental and social performance of a company from self-reported data alone is limited.

We work with 40+ global subject matter experts from the fields of civil society, academia, think tanks and beyond. This multi-stakeholder approach provides investors with a holistic, outside-in perspective on the ESG performance of a company, facilitating deeper analysis and understanding.

Nuances of sustainability datas


The data covers hundred of conduct and product themes across E, S and G, as well as insights on controversial activities and supply chain insights.

Transparent and granular

The data is structured in tiers, and all observations include references to their source and methodology.

Collective Intelligence

Investors gain access to independent insights from external expert sources on each sustainability theme.

“What we really like about Matter's portfolio analysis is that it gives us flags, not ratings. There are lots of different ESG ratings out there, but the problem is that most of them are focused on financial materiality. They do not give you a clear insight into the sustainability profile of a company.”

Sandra Metoyer

Head of Responsible Investments at AP Pension.

380 metrics, from deforestation, to human rights and beyond

Thematic ESG Flags cover a broad range of ESG themes, including deforestation, supply chain risk, human and labour rights, digital rights, gender equality and beyond.

Data from more than 40 different leading expert sources on sustainability is mapped to various ESG themes, delivered in a binary format of issuer-level flags, structured in tiers to allow for both aggregate and individual data-point level analysis.

Granular analysis datas
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