SDG CapEx Fundamentals

Company alignment or misalignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals based on their capital expenditure.

A forward looking lens on SDG-alignment

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are increasingly becoming a north star for sustainable investment, but understanding of how companies align to the SDGs remains limited.

Matter has developed SDG CapEx Fundamentals, a dataset designed to serve as a crucial element in closing the SDG data gap. SDG CapEx Fundamentals is a data solution for analysing how the capital expenditure of publicly traded companies is aligned or misaligned with the SDGs and their underlying targets. This gives a forwards looking insights into company alignment and misalignment with the SDGs.

Nuances of sustainability datas

Insights across 23,000 companies

SDG CapEx Fundamentals offers broader coverage than any competing solution, providing SDG alignment data for over 23,000 companies.

Data at aggregate, SDG and target level

SDG CapEx Fundamentals blends usability and granularity, with company SDG alignment available at aggregate SDG, individual SDG, and underlying SDG target level.We source reported data from leading providers, and only estimate when no data is available.

Available via online platform or CSV

Granular data across six alignment categories and 169 SDG targets is available via CSV. High level SDG CapEx insights are available via Matter's online portfolio analysis platform.

“What we really like about Matter's portfolio analysis is that it gives us flags, not ratings. There are lots of different ESG ratings out there, but the problem is that most of them are focused on financial materiality. They do not give you a clear insight into the sustainability profile of a company.”

Sandra Metoyer

Head of Responsible Investments at AP Pension.

Simple, Flexible and Transparent

Matter's Platform is a plug and play solution which foregoes the need for complex integrations.

Sustainability Analysis should not be a black box. We harness the power of collective intelligence, and with Matter, you can trace the data you are seeing back to the expert sources that we work with.

Flexible to investors needs

SDG CapEx Fundamentals lends powerful insight across the sustainable investment spectrum. These range from identifying sustainable thematic head- and tail-winds, informing sustainable investment definitions for SFDR and MiFID II, informing stewardship and exclusion decisions, and building thematic portfolios, ETFs and indexes.

Granular analysis datas
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