January 31, 2022

Sustainable investing made accessible and transparent with Matter’s portfolio analysis platform

Matter's new portfolio analysis platform represents an important step towards making sustainable investing simple, flexible and transparent.

Matter’s new portfolio analysis platform raises the bar in making sustainability analysis simple, flexible and transparent. In a matter of seconds, investors can now analyse the sustainability of portfolios of listed assets across a range of sustainability themes and metrics. Through a fully customisable and interactive interface, drawing on the knowledge of stakeholders across the sustainability space, the platform seeks to contribute to making sustainable investing simpler and more transparent.


No more black box methodologies and complex integrations


The new platform is simple and accessible. By logging in, uploading the portfolio(s), choosing amongst a broad range of benchmarks to compare against, the investor has a full picture of the sustainability profile of a portfolio in just a few seconds. The platform model removes the need for complex integration, and instead generates analyses in an accessible and intuitive manner.


Instead of static reports, the platform offers a fully interactive and customisable interface. This allows the investor a better foundation for understanding the nuances of a portfolio’s sustainability profile than existing solutions in the ESG space.


Seeing the full picture


The platform allows investors to access a wide range of insights about the sustainability of a portfolio. From high level impact level metrics such as Co2 emissions or renewables generation, to granular sustainability themes across a wide range of environmental and social topics issues. An investor passionate about gender diversity can for instance investigate on a single entity-level which companies in a given portfolio have the highest and lowest gender diversity amongst their employees.


The detailed nature of the data means that the platform is suitable for a wide range of investor needs. From those needing to comply with new regulations such as SFDR, to those striving to generate outsized positive environmental and social impact with their investments. Ease of reporting on the platform means that in just a few clicks, investors can generate insights and reports that can be used in SFDR and TCFD reporting. The platform is designed to constantly grow with the introduction of new regulatory frameworks, and the emergence of new data and applications. The platform can therefore continuously support client’s needs across the investment value chain.


Harnessing collective intelligence


The ease of use and flexibility of the platform does not come at the cost of the quality of the data. The platform utilises granular sustainability data from Matter’s wide network of partners to present investors with unparalleled transparency and depth of insights. In contrast to existing practices in the market for ESG and sustainability data, Matter’s platform connects investors to insights from leading, independent expert sources around the world. The platform provides investors access to the collective wisdom of leading institutions in the ESG space, including NGOs, think tanks and specialised sustainability data providers.


On top of this, the platform provides full transparency about where the data is coming from, so investors can know what they are basing their decisions upon.


Beyond ratings

Importantly, the platform does not turn a sustainability profile into a rating. Instead, the flexible and customisable platform allows investors to fully explore the nuances of the portfolio. Sustainability cannot be reduced to a single number or letter. The platform embraces the complexity of sustainability but delivers the insights in an accessible and easily digestible way.


The platform, with its unparalleled transparency and depth of insights, represents an important step towards making sustainable investing simple, flexible, and transparent.


You can gain trial access to the platform here.


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