Press Release
March 20, 2023

Matter announces sustainability data integration with digital wealth management platform Performativ

The collaboration will enable Performativ to offer their clients access to Matter's suite of sustainability impact metrics and thematic ESG insights.

[Matter], [Copenhagen] – Matter, a Denmark-based sustainable investment insights provider is proud to announce a sustainability data integration partnership with Performativ, a leading investment management platform based in Copenhagen. This strategic collaboration will enable Performativ to offer their clients access to Matter’s suite of sustainability impact metrics and thematic ESG insights.


“Integrating with Performativ is an exciting opportunity for Matter” said Niels Fibæk-Jensen, CEO and co-founder of Matter. “Our mission is to democratise access to nuanced, transparent sustainable investment insights. Matter will benefit from the sophistication and reach of Performativ’s wealth management platform, allowing our data and insights to reach a wider audience and to broaden awareness of the work being done by Matter.”


The integration will provide Performativ clients access to Matter’s sustainability insights, enabling wealth managers to understand the sustainability and ESG performance of their portfolios. They will be able to access a broad range of data, including environmental impact metrics, including emissions data, as well as thematic insights from subject matter experts on topics ranging from human rights, to deforestation, controversial activities and beyond. This integration streamlines the wealth management process, making it easier for clients to understand the ESG impact of their investments and make informed decisions.


“Through integrating Matter we are able to provide our clients with valuable sustainability insights alongside our existing comprehensive set of investment performance metrics”, said Albert Geisler Fox CEO and co-founder of Performativ.



About Matter: Matter is a financial technology company specialising in the provision of sustainability insights to the financial industry, based in Copenhagen. Matter offers a wide range of data and solutions which enable investors to better understand the sustainability of their investments, beyond ESG ratings. Matter uses the power of collective intelligence and pioneering technology to provide insights which are granular, transparent and accountable, representing the real-world impact of investments, aligned to leading regulatory and industry-led frameworks, including SFDR and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


About Performativ: Performativ is a financial technology company providing SaaS-based wealth management solutions.  Performativ offers a comprehensive, powerful, easy-to-use solution that streamlines the investment process allowing wealth managers to scale their business, reduce operational cost and provide their clients with an unrivalled digital experience.  Performativ utilises innovative AI-based microservice technology to empower institutional investors, enterprises, and firms previously underserved by the existing technology


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