October 19, 2021

A House Built On Sand

The 50 largest sustainability-themed ETFs, how we fundamentally misunderstand them, and what we need to make sustainable finance fit for purpose

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This paper utilises Matter's granular sustainability data to analyse the 50 largest sustainability-themed UCITS ETFs. Looking under the hood, the research examines the sustainability of these ETFs across a wide range of disaggregated sustainability themes and metrics. In so doing, the research provides a unique insight into the wider 'ESG' phenomenon, which is increasingly characterised by accusations of greenwashing and ineffectiveness.

Based on this analysis, the research identifies some key features and flaws that are holding back sustainable finance in its current form, both in the way it is understand, and in the way it is practiced.

Importantly, this paper also includes recommendations on what is needed to create an approach to sustainable finance that is fit for purpose.


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