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You can no longer log in to find impact numbers for your pension savings via matterpension.com

Instead, you can find your numbers by logging into Min Pension via AP Pension. Here you can also see information about your savings, insurances, terms, and prices etc.

AP Pension

Are you looking for a sustainable pension?

Matter no longer offers pension schemes. In collaboration with AP Pension, we have developed AP Sustainable, which lives up to the criteria for sustainability we believe are necessary to make capital work for people and the planet.


We helped create AP Sustainable so
your pensions can stay the same

Original Matter customers are now AP Pension customers, and AP Sustainable is the responsible alternative we recommend to conventional pension.

Matter helped create "AP Sustainable", and we continuously monitor and report on the impact of the investments. We invite everyone who wants to save up sustainably to contact AP Pension directly via the link below.

AP Sustainable

Matter no longer
offer pensions

We have chosen to put our efforts where we can make the biggest difference. We still help AP Pension as technology providers and advisors.

It also means that we no longer focus on pension. We do this to be able to spend all of our time providing sustainability analysis and reporting solutions to the financial sector to move even more capital in a sustainable direction.

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