Data Integrations

Access Matter data directly via leading investment management and intelligence solutions or integrate into in-house systems through our APIs.

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impact reporting datas

Work with our data on your preferred platform

Our metrics are available on SimCorp, as well as for ingestion into BlackRock Aladdin.

We collaborate with a range of specialised investment and intelligence solutions to ensure that data is available where you need it.

    footprint datas
    footprint datas

    Flexible API access

    All our data is available through flexible API solutions, built on modern standards for easy integration.

    Our insights can be delivered  on individual issuers as well as aggregated on fund, strategy and portfolio-level, either in bulk or for more specific queries.

      Find a solution that fits your needs

      No matter what solution you are looking for to display impact, we offer a variety of different options to suit your needs.

      You can, for instance, display different quantified impact metrics (like GHG-emissions or renewable energy generation) or sustainability flags on individual investments that help your customers better relate to their investments.

      Help your clients understand their footprint

      Show footprint directly to retail clients on your platform via our API. You receive access to a comprehensive impact reporting engine which can easily integrate into your client platform to redefine and automate your ESG reporting.

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