Portfolio analysis

Sustainability analysis beyond ratings

Our portfolio analysis opens up the black box on sustainability data and ESG ratings to give you a more nuanced and intuitive perspective on the sustainability profile of your investments.

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Uncover more nuances of sustainability

With Matter you can access in-depth insights about your investments in order to understand the full extent of their impact.

Our analysis allows you to deep dive into the underlying data on issuers of securities, so you can see where the information is coming from.

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Multi-stakeholder approach

Matter analyses portfolios based on leading expertise from over 50 different sources, including NGOs, academia and governments.

Aligned to leading frameworks

Matter offers portfolio analysis and reporting aligned to leading sustainability frameworks, including SFDR and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Portfolio to security-level reporting

Matter provides insights at both portfolio and single-security level, so you can analyse how specific issuers affect portfolio sustainability.

“What we really like about Matter's portfolio analysis is that it gives us flags, not ratings. There are lots of different ESG ratings out there, but the problem is that most of them are focused on financial materiality. They do not give you a clear insight into the sustainability profile of a company.”

Sandra Metoyer

Head of Responsible Investments at AP Pension.

Guide your clients towards better investments

Analyse portfolios on our platform and connect to insights from leading sustainability experts.

If you are an advisor trying to guide your clients on their journey towards greener and cleaner investment portfolios, our intuitive reports provide clear and nuanced sustainability analysis.

Granular analysis with broad coverage

Analyse your equity and bond portfolios against more relevant sustainability metrics and get the full overview with our tailored report.

We survey over 50 sustainability themes across more than 14.000 companies and cover +99% of major indices.

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