The general interest in sustainable investing is growing. Our automated reporting helps you demonstrate the impact of investments directly to your clients.

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Help your clients understand their footprint

Many financial institutions have sustainable products and services to offer, but are lacking ways to prove and display the impact to clients.

We have created a digital solution that enables you to show different sustainability metrics of investments directly to clients on your platform via web elements and APIs.

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    Quantified and qualified

    Reporting against a wide range of impact metrics, with in-depth descriptions based on user studies to bring the facts to life.


    Impact reporting fully customised to the needs, values and impact goals of you, and your clients.                  

    Plug & play integration

    API and widget solutions mean you can integrate Matter's impact reporting directly onto your platform.     

    “Matter's reporting solution has made it possible for us to automate personalized impact reporting directly to our clients in a very relatable and intuitive way. It is fast to implement and easy to scale.”

    Pelle Pedersen

    Chief Impact & Growth Officer at DoLand.

    Find a solution that fits your needs

    No matter what solution you are looking for to display impact, we offer a variety of different options to suit your needs.

    You can, for instance, display different quantified impact metrics (like GHG-emissions or renewable energy generation) or sustainability flags on individual investments that help your customers better relate to their investments.

    Integrate easily on your client platform

    The solution is built to be implemented on any type of platform.

    You receive access to a comprehensive impact reporting engine via an API which can easily integrate into your client platform and customise to your company's visual identity.

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