Impact reporting

How to implement
Impact Elements

You decided to demonstrate the impact of investments directly to your clients.
Great! You are a couple of step away from succeeding.

check out the documentation

Learn how to customise, integrate and connect Matter Impact Metrics Elements

This guide explains how to integrate Matter Elements’ Impact metrics for displaying accurate impact metrics:
Display accurate investments impact and customer on-boarding by impact metrics

    Link to the full documentation

    send to Matter your portfolios

    To ensure correct impact reporting, we need to screen your investment portfolio(s).

    The simple way is to share with us in a Excel, CSV, or else, all the portfolios that need to be screened by Matter.
    We will upload them on Matter Core for you to gain access to live impact data.

    receive your keys

    To connect your Elements with live impact data, you will need to replace the API Keys and IDs.

    The API key is unique, and each Portfolio will receive an ID key. The documentation will help you configure the Elements.

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